The home is set on four floors and provides accommodation of 39 single rooms and 2 double rooms. All Residents have access to our large lounge and dining room which is situated on the ground floor. For the exclusive use of our Residents living with Dementia there is an additional lounge and dining room on the first floor. There is a quiet communal area inside the foyer.  All areas are fitted with domestic furniture and lighting throughout.  The well-manicured garden gives Woolton Grange a calm and serene ambience.  All the bedrooms have sink facilities and there are ample toilets and bathing facilities provided within close proximity to all residents. For those Residents who need help with bathing we have bathrooms which are easily accessible for staff and Service Users.

Specialist equipment, which includes hoists, grab rails and aids have all been provided to maximise the independence of our service users.  Doorways which require wheelchair access all have the required opening width.

We pay particular attention to detail in order to make the home a safe environment for our Residents, including those who may wish to wander.  We have installed a touch-tone key pad on the main exit out of the building in order to ensure the safety and protection of all our Residents.

Both lounges are equipped with a flat screen colour television and our ground floor lounge provides a quieter environment for people to rest or meet relatives. The dining rooms are well laid out with wooden dining tables and part upholstered chairs.

The first floor lounge is equipped with special needs equipment to help provide comfort and stimulation to each Service User. There is also a hairdressing studio on the second floor which is available to all those living at the Home.

We also encourage our Residents to personalise their rooms whether this be by bringing in personal items, photos, soft furnishings or by choosing the colour of their bedroom door and/or walls.